Saturday, December 3, 2011

New Beer's

New Beers

Doppel Hirsch Germany 500ml  7.2% abv
Full bodied and mellow strong lager style beer with a light Hop bitterness.
Foods:Ideal with Half Roast Chicken and BBQ Ribs

Hirsch Weihnachts- Bier 500ml  5.2% abv
An amber beer, crisp and clean tasting with grassy notes and light malt flavours
Foods:Ideal with Half Roast Chicken, Beef Burger

La Trappe Brewery France
Blond 6.5% abv
A clear, sparkling Trappist beer with a high fermentation level. Fresh and fruity taste with a soft bitter aftertaste. The various types of hops add an aromatic smell.

Dubbel 7.0% abv
An authentic Trappist beer with a deep red-brown colour. Through the use of a.o. caramel malt, it has a soft aromatic, caramel-like character. A little bit sweet in taste with a fresh aftertaste.

Tripel 8.0% abv
A special and powerful Trappist. Including the use of coriander owes it its spicy character. Golden in color with a fruity, bittersweet taste.

Quadrupel 10% abv
A unique Trappist beer that is even put to rest sorted by year in the cellars of the abbey for further fermentation. The strongest beer of La Trappe with a beautiful amber colour. The warm taste is full and well-balanced.

Brouwerij Het Anker Belgium
Gouden Carolus Classic 8.5% abv
This dark beer combined with aromatic malts and high fermentation process produces the warm roundness of wine with the light freshness of beer.

Gouden Carolus Tripel 9.0% abv
Up to this very day it is still brewed according to ancient tradition.Golden Carolus Tripel has a unique colour and a rich taste thanks to its well-balanced hopping.

Gouden Carolus Ambrio 8.0% abv
The balance between the different malts, the fine hops and the typical taste of herbs creates a perfect harmony between the powerful taste of brown beers and the light freshness of blonde beers.

Gouden Carolus Hopsinjoor 8.0% abv
Hopsinjoor” derived from the use of 5 different kinds of hops. These hops are fractioned at a different time during the cooking process in order to conserve a maximum of aroma. The Ale has a gentle taste with a slightly bitter after taste.

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