Friday, December 31, 2010

Hello and Goodbye

As if i don't have enough to do, i have decided to start a Blog about,Beer, the Beerhall, and anything else related to either, including food pairing and the odd whiskey post. When the Beerhall opened almost 4 years ago, we swore blind to stock every(quality) beer that came our way. We've yet to scratch the surface on that one. But we have made good inroads in the Irish Craft Beer department. Every Irish Craft Beer producer will have their beer sold by us, provided it can be delivered to us, and the most sought after, decided by public demand, might just be given a permanent place.

Our focus is to rotate our specials as often as possible, and to offer beers at the best prices available by us. Some beers specials come in amounts ranging form a single case, to a months supply. The "Todays Specials" list will keep you up to date with all specials on a frequent basis, hopefully daily.

But for know it's Goodbye to a year that frankly, we would all rather forget. However, it has increased competition amongst suppliers with most open to new ideas from bar managers and other retailers. Hopefully this will lead to better choices and very welcome prices on the Irish Craft Beer and Premium Beer side of things.

So for now, Goodbye 2010, and God help us in 2011. At least beer can get us through it.