Friday, April 1, 2011

Today's Cask

Updated Friday 8th April 2011

Copper Coast Red from Dungarvan on today. Always a winner, for good reason too.

Metalman Pale Ale will be on by this evening. A great seller last time so should move quickly again.

As predicted, Purgatory gone in a flash

Purgatory Pale Ale just tapped, this one of my favourite beers, but on cask it's probably in the top 2.
Fruity, orangey with great hop spice. What a beer for a summers day.

Trouble Dark Arts shows it first Cask version. Full of chocolate and fresh coffee, with some Belgian sweetness in there somewhere

Brain Blasta back for those with nowhere to go tomorrow 7% abv!!
Followed by ór on cask sometime this week.

Léann Folláin on today, Brain Blasta on temporary hold as it's going to be a long day :-)

Brain Blasta @ 7% abv went on last night and will be followed by either Léann Fóllain or O'Hara's IPA.

The Metalman is about to go and will be followed by McGraths Irish Red for Clanconnell Brewery

Metalman Pale Ale
Just tapped up the first cask form Metalman.It's a great addition to the Irish cask beers, full of fresh hops and malt.There is one more cask of this in stock for next week. 1.5 days to sell

Scullions Irish Ale is on from today. A light amber ale with a big hop bite and a fruity citrus finish. Gone in 2 days

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